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Fish dishes you have to try in Canada

Canadians know their way around food, and nobody can deny it. If you intend to travel to Canada sometime in the future, you may want to get well-acquainted with some of the most popular dishes you’re likely to come across in diners and restaurants scattered all throughout the country. One thing’s for sure, though – Canadian cuisine can vary significantly from one region to the next, which is why we recommend you to avoid taking things for granted and believing that poutine is the only thing you’ll find everywhere in Canada.


First things first. The country is filled with rivers that overflow with trout and salmon, so you’re likely to have the chance to taste one of these fish when going out with friends or acquaintances. Some of the most common specialties you’ll find in most restaurants that serve fish are Backyard Hot Smoked Salmon, Baked Tilapia, Salmon Tartare, and even Salmon Tikka. Mackerel isn’t out of the ordinary, so you may be able to taste some crispy one, whether it’s grilled, roasted, or fried. Fancy a bit of healthy foods on your table? In that case, don’t be afraid to try out some halibut with cherry tomatoes and an arugula salad. Even pan-fried halibut can be healthy when combined with vegetables and an innocent sauce concocted out of steamed asparagus.

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Another popular fish dish you’ll be able to taste if you visit Newfoundland, for example, is fish and brewis, of which the recipe might vary depending on the restaurant or home. In most cases, this specialty is served with scrunchions, which also seem to be typical for some Canadian regions. bc3Scrunchions is a pork fat that has been salted. Some cooks mix the cod in the fisherman’s brewis along with the scrunchions and the hard bread while they’re all hot. Others prefer the dish cold, particularly when they use salt fish. What’s the explanation this dish is so popular in both Labrador and Newfoundland? First of all, these two regions have more than enough cod to serve on their tables. Secondly, sailors invented the dish because it was composed out of ingredients they had at hand.




Sea pie is another unique dish you might find if, for instance, you decide to visit Quebec. Quebecois call this cipaille or cipâtes. The history of this specialty is a lot older when compared to others, simply because it used to be served to British sailors in the 18th century. The shape of the pie is round and the ingredients are layered inside it. The same dish can be prepared using meat, although cubes of potatoes and minced fish are also popular among cipaille aficionados.

Fish curry is yet another food you might find in certain restaurants, where the Indian cuisine seems to have left its mark. Other critically acclaimed dishes include fish cakes, baked trout amandine, and roast lake trout.

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