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How to Plan a Fishing Trip to Canada

We know that many people come to Canada to fish and we think that’s really great! Especially since there is so much fish to find here and people are having a lot of fun vacationing in British Columbia, where our home base is, we think that a good blog post to publish here should be one on how to properly prepare for a fishing trip to Canada.

Be aware of cold weather!


This is not something to take lightly. Especially if you are planning to spend a lot of time in water, you need to be properly equipped. This is something that we really think it is necessary to remember to all our friends who are asking us what to pack in order to have a successful fishing trip in our beautiful British Columbia. We know that we do not have to tell you to bring your rods and reels, although there are plenty of places from where you can get all you need right here, but we think that it does not hurt to remind you about the climate here in Canada.


First of all, we suggest getting a good pair of fishing waders. Think about the type that goes chest high and also comes with boots. These ones are the best, in our opinion, because they will protect your entire body. Get warm clothes underneath, and purchase a pair of waders that is a bit larger, so you can move freely in them, even if you have thick clothes on you. The materials the waders are made of should be some kind of water resistant materials. Thicker is best, since the waders may also provide you with some protection against the cold, besides keeping water out. Last, but not least, get a pair that is very comfortable. This way, you will surely enjoy your fishing trip at its best.

BC jacket BC gloves BC waders

Do not forget to bring gloves with you. When in contact with water for a long time, your hands can suffer a lot, not to mention (again!) the cold. If your fingers become frozen, you will have a hard time trying to pull the fish out of the water, and you will also catch a cold. For seniors, this could trigger a bad case of arthritis, too, so our advice is to get all the equipment you need prior to leave home. I recommend the best waterproof fishing jackets and other warm clothes should be on your list, too. We really hope our advice will help you enjoy a wonderful fishing trip to Canada!

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