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Interested in fly fishing?

Fly fishing is a fishing style in which an artificial fly is used to catch fish. As such, this angling method requires specialized gear and different techniques. It can be done in saltwater and freshwater altogether. The species you can target are numerous and include trout, pickerel, panfish, bass, tarpon, bonefish and many others. If you’re interested in fly fishing, here are a couple of things you may want to know.


The flies


The type of flies you’ll be using depends on the species of fish that you are targeting and on the season. It is generally their design that gives you an approximate idea on what species and in which seasons you can use a specific type. You can use floating or sinking flies, depending on the fish you want to catch. If you’re looking for some good baits for your kit, you must definitely try nymph flies first, that are particularly attractive to trout. Another advantageous option are versatile flies such as dry flies that can float on the water’s surface and look like insects that fish would eat. They are colorful too, which makes them appealing to many species. All in all, you should consider them as well if you want to increase your chances at landing some trout. The streamer is another type of bait used in fly fishing that imitates underwater fish food that you should have in your tackle box, if you go fishing during the cold season.


Where to find the fish


Knowing where to find fish is as important as the bait you use. If your target doesn’t spot the fly you are casting, well, then all your efforts are in vain. So, where can you find fish? Mostly, fish will prefer weedy portions in the water or structures near the shoreline invaded by vegetation, as they can find food in these areas better than anywhere else. Also, fallen trees and logs are places where food is easily found, as they are populated by small insects, so there are great chances that fish will stay near them. Weed Beds, rocks, banks and reefs – all of them are favorite spots for them.


What rod and reel combo should you use?


As with bait, the reel and the rod must be especially designed for this type of fishing. Option can, of course, vary. If you want to buy some gear fitted for fly fishing beginners at a decent price, you can buy the Crystal River fly kit for fly fishing. Included in the package you will find: a slow action 3 piece rod of 8 feet, a plastic reel that fits into an aluminum reel seat, fly line and two flies. As you will see when you receive the package, the kit includes a beginner’s guide for this fishing style that can be of great help. It works perfectly for those who want to learn proper casting and how to handle their rod with precision and gain some experience. Just don’t forget to take other baits with you as well, as the two provided in the kit won’t be enough to cover all possible fishing situations.

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