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Rods and reels for fishing in British Columbia

Canada can offer a varied fishing experience. To talk about places you can go fishing in Canada would take days, just close your eyes and put your finger on the map, a fishing spot should be placed nearby, no matter where you happen to put it. However, great diversity requires adequately chosen equipment. Especially if you want to travel to more than one place for a diversified experience, you need to have with you the appropriate rod and reel combo. To find the best functioning gear that will provide you with outstanding fishing performances, you must take into consideration the fishing settings and the species of fish you are interested in.

Penn Pursuit II 8000-2 Piece Spinning Combo

Penn Pursuit II 8000-2 Piece Spinning ComboIf you need a convenient product for surf fishing, this one is going to work like a charm. The main characteristic that recommends this product for the activity of fishing on the shores of the ocean is its 10-feet long rod that will enable you to cast great distances with ease, increasing your chances to catch big fish. Built with the highest quality material available nowadays – graphite, the rod will resist shocks and heavy weights. However, if you’re a beginner, you might find this rod a bit heavy at first, until you get used to operating it. The reel is built with anti-corrosion materials and it is especially designed to provide you with a smooth retrieve. The reel seat is also made out of graphite, so it will keep your reel protected even if you tend to be a bit harsh on it in the beginning.

Rhino Fishing ZR33 Spincast Combo

Rhino Fishing ZR33 Spincast ComboThis is a great product for small and medium fish species. However, as it is fitted with a 6-foot long rod, it is not recommended for heavy species. Integrated in the medium action category, you can use this rod for species of fish such as bass. It is fabricated with fiberglass that will enhance its durability. The reel is especially designed with four ball bearings to ensure a smooth and easy retrieval, and it comes pre-spooled with 100 yards of 10 lb Cajun Line. Additionally, this two-piece rod can be easily collapsed in two, so that you are able to deposit it in small spaces, which makes it a great option for travelling.

Zebco 808 Saltwater Fishing Reel with MH Fishing Rod

Zebco 808 Saltwater Fishing Reel with MH Fishing RodIf you’re looking for a product for fishing in Canada’s salt waters, you can definitely rely on this one. The product is fitted with a 7-feet long rod, which is a great length if you need it for saltwater boat fishing, but not so much for surf fishing, as its length doesn’t allow you to cast long enough distances. The reel ensures a smooth, but also fast retrieval, so there are not many chances for that fish to find its way back into the water. Additionally, it comes pre-spooled with 150 yards of 20 lb test line, which means you are able to order the product and wait for it at the fishing spot, as it comes already prepared for the job. As it is a medium-heavy action rod, this product can be used for smaller and larger species of fish altogether

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