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Things to do in British Columbia in the summer

If you’ve decided to explore British Columbia this summer, you may want to know what the areas and places you should make time to visit before anything else are. Even if the region is mostly known for its scenery, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other wonderful experiences to enjoy here.


Anyway, let’s start with the obvious. If you want to enjoy wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, you should visit the Wild Pacific Trail. It is perfectly adapted to all types of tourists, even to those that don’t have a habit of walking a lot. Even so, don’t expect the 9 km to be easy. There are several entrances to the trail and there is a guide that can offer you explanations if you are curious in finding out some interesting things besides just seeing landscapes. Just make sure you wake up in the morning, guided tours start at 10:00 AM.


If you’re more into cultural manifestations, interested in knowing people from all the corners of the world, why don’t you take part in one of the festivals that take place during summer? The one that is highly recommended is called, how else, Summerfest and it is located in North Vancouver. It starts on the 1st of July and lasts until the 4th of September. There are many activities you can participate in: outdoor movies, concert series, dance classes and shows, even fitness classes to ensure you stay fit even if you are on a holiday. In the same period, you can enjoy another event called Pianos on the street if you are in love with classical music and the sound of this instrument.

fair3If you’re interested in history and indigenous population, make time to visit the BC Royal Museum, as it holds a large number of exhibits regarding extinct species like mammoths, native languages and populations, but also activities for kids and adults altogether that will make you feel transported back in time. This makes it a great place to spend a couple of hours with family, to have fun, but also to learn valuable things about the past and what it means for us today.

Most definitely, if you are visiting the Royal Museum, you shouldn’t miss a tour through the capital city of the region, Victoria. There are many things that the city offers and many green areas, such as the Beacon Hill Park where you can admire the lovely gardens and spend some time in nature or near a lake, to relax.

Victoria's inner harbor with marina and Empress hotel in distance with chain railing and promenade
Victoria’s inner harbor with marina and Empress hotel in distance with chain railing and promenade

Nevertheless, if there’s something you should not miss while in Victoria, that is the Inner Harbor, where you can admire wonderful architecture and one of the most spectacular lights in the city. Many people say that the Harbor should be visited by night, because it looks wonderful and it offers plenty of terraces, restaurants and bars to eat and enjoy a drink. If you still have the time, take a boat (or a car) outside the city and visit the Fisgard Lighthouse, the first lighthouse on Canada’s west coast and an important  historic site.


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